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Maha Shivaratri 2024 Countdown

Maha Shivaratri 2024 - Wednesday, March 11, 2024

Hey, you holiday aficionado! 🎉 Ever feel like life is a rollercoaster and you’re just hanging on for dear life? Well, guess what? Holidays are those brief moments when the rollercoaster slows down, and you can catch your breath. They’re like the pit stops in the grand race of life. So, let’s put on our festive hats and explore today’s and upcoming holidays that are sure to add some sparkle to your calendar.

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Today's Holidays & Upcoming Holidays

Today's Holidays & Upcoming International and Public Holidays

Special Working Day in Taiwan

Welcome to 'Special Working Day, Taiwan.' For nearly a decade, we, the people of Taiwan, have commemorated this day by gathering together and recognizing those who strive to make our nation a better place. Special Working Day is a working day on weekend in Taiwan.

Leap Day in United States of America

Celebrate the extra day of the year in style with Leap Day in the United States of America! This unique observance allows for an additional 24 hours of exploration, making it the perfect time to discover hidden gems and indulge in local traditions. Don't miss out on this special national holiday.

Peasants’ Day in Myanmar

"Experience the vibrant and authentic traditions of Myanmar on Peasants' Day, a national holiday honoring the hardworking farmers and laborers of the country. Immerse yourself in the lively festivities and witness the colorful parades, traditional dances, and delicious local cuisine that make this a truly unique cultural celebration."

National Flag Day in Bangladesh

"National Flag Day in Bangladesh is a proud and patriotic observance held annually on December 17th. The vibrant display of the national flag, known as 'Bengal's Red and Green', symbolizes the country's rich history and cultural diversity. Celebrations include parades, cultural performances, and flag hoisting ceremonies, making it a must-see spectacle for travelers and a meaningful experience for locals."

Remembrance Day observed in Marshall Islands

"Join the people of the Marshall Islands in honoring those who have served and sacrificed for their country on National Remembrance Day. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural traditions and impressive ceremonies that pay tribute to the brave soldiers who have defended the nation. A must-visit for history enthusiasts and a defining experience for all. #MarshallIslands #RemembranceDay #NationalHoliday"

Adwa Victory Day in Ethiopia

"Join in on the vibrant celebrations of Adwa Victory Day, a national holiday in Ethiopia, commemorating the historic triumph over Italian colonialism. Immerse yourself in traditional ceremonies, lively music, and delicious cuisine while soaking up the rich cultural heritage of this proud nation. A must-see experience for any travel enthusiast!"

Remembrance and Gratitude Day in Moldova

"Experience the rich culture and traditions of Moldova on the heartwarming Remembrance and Gratitude Day. This national holiday celebrates the sacrifices and contributions of soldiers and civilians, with solemn observances and festive gatherings across the country. Immerse yourself in the patriotic spirit and pay tribute to the brave heroes of Moldova on this meaningful occasion."

Texas Independence Day in United States of America

Texas Independence Day is a legal holiday in Texas, in the United States.

Texas Independence Day in USA

Texas Independence Day commemorates the signing of the Texas Declaration of Independence in 1836. This holiday celebrates the state's secession from Mexico, affirming its sovereignty and the foundation of the Republic of Texas.

March bank holiday in Qatar

"As the bustling city of Doha prepares to celebrate the March Bank Holiday, locals and travelers alike are treated to a cultural extravaganza filled with traditional dance performances, mouth-watering cuisine, and vibrant souks. This national holiday is a perfect blend of ancient Qatari customs and modern festivities, making it a must-visit for any curious explorer."

Martyrs’ Day in Malawi

"Experience the rich culture of Malawi during the annual commemoration of Martyrs' Day. This national holiday pays tribute to the brave individuals who sacrificed their lives for the country's independence. Immerse yourself in traditional ceremonies, lively parades, and delicious local cuisine while honoring Malawi's historic heroes."

Dolls’ Festival/Girls’ Festival in Japan

"Experience a true celebration of girlhood with Japan's Dolls' Festival, observed annually on March 3rd. This national holiday highlights the importance of daughters and includes intricate displays of traditional dolls, delicious treats, and colorful decorations. Immerse yourself in the culture and charm of this unique festival for a memorable holiday in Japan."

World Wildlife Day in United States of America

As we celebrate World Wildlife Day in the United States of America, we are reminded of the diverse and magnificent wildlife that calls this country home. From the majestic bald eagle to the elusive mountain lion, this observance shines a light on the importance of conservation and preservation efforts for these creatures. Discover the beauty of nature and the importance of protecting it on this national holiday.

Mothers’ Day in Georgia

"Immerse yourself in the rich traditions and southern charm of Georgia this Mothers' Day. Celebrate with a dynamic blend of observances and local festivals, showcasing the undeniable love and appreciation for mothers in this vibrant state. A must-visit destination for any cultural explorer looking to experience the heart of the South."

Liberation Day in Bulgaria

Discover the unspoiled beauty and colorful traditions of Bulgaria on Liberation Day. This national holiday commemorates the country's liberation from Ottoman rule in 1878. Experience the vibrant celebrations, delicious cuisine, and rich history of this Eastern European gem during your next cultural adventure. #Bulgaria #LiberationDay #NationalHoliday

Veteran’s Day in East Timor

On this special day, the people of East Timor come together to honor and remember the sacrifices made by our brave veterans. This national holiday allows us to reflect on the country's history and pay tribute to those who have served and continue to serve our nation.

Anniversary of the Coronation of the Sultan of Terengganu in Malaysia

"Enchanting and regal, the anniversary of the Coronation of the Sultan of Terengganu is a national holiday celebrated with grandeur and reverence. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture of Malaysia as you witness traditional ceremonies, colorful parades, and elaborate feasts. A truly majestic experience not to be missed."

Day off for Martyrs’ Day in Malawi

Malawi's Martyrs' Day is a national holiday that commemorates the sacrifice of three Malawian nationalists who were killed by British colonizers in 1959. On this day, the nation pays tribute to their bravery and reflects on the country's fight for independence. It's a somber yet important observance for all Malawians.

Day off for Liberation Day in Bulgaria

As a cultural commentator and travel writer, I have had the privilege of experiencing many holidays around the world. One of the most unique and vibrant celebrations I have encountered is Liberation Day in Bulgaria, a national day off marked with lively parades, traditional dances, and delicious cuisine. It truly captures the spirit of the country's rich history and culture.

Employee Appreciation Day in USA

Employee Appreciation Day is a way to show appreciation for employees’ hard work and dedication throughout the year. Companies, organizations, and businesses celebrate with activities, recognition ceremonies, and gifts to honor their employees for their contribution.


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