Geographical Regions


Welcome to our Geographical Regions page! Here, you can explore holidays and celebrations organized by different continents and geographical regions around the world. Discover the rich cultural diversity and unique traditions that each region has to offer.

Explore Holidays and Festivals by World Region: Your Ultimate Guide

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Why This Holiday Guide is Essential

  • Detailed Regional Insights: Our guide is divided into key geographical regions, making it simpler for you to find information.
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Inside the Guide: A Glimpse by Regions


Plunge into the cultural richness of African holidays, where vibrant festivals like the Carthage Carnival coexist with solemn observances like Eid al-Fitr. Africa’s festivities offer a window into its multifaceted heritage.


Journey through the myriad of Asian festivals, where the lights of Diwali dazzle and the calm of Songkran soothes. Each Asian country adds its unique flavor to regional celebrations.

Central America

Uncover the essence of Central American holidays through spirited events like Nicaragua’s La Griteria and widely-celebrated Independence Days. These festivals capture the soul of Central American diversity.


Experience the magical allure of European holidays, whether it’s the twinkling allure of Christmas markets or the beer-filled revelry of Oktoberfest. Every European country showcases its distinct customs.

Middle East

Unveil the profound spirituality and historical depth of Middle Eastern festivals, from the solemn fasting of Ramadan to the jubilant celebrations of Nowruz.

North America

From the exuberant parades of Mardi Gras to the communal spirit of Thanksgiving, North American holidays offer a rich tapestry of cultural experiences.


Embrace the unique island cultures of Oceania, highlighted by extravagant Polynesian festivals like Pasifika and age-old Aboriginal celebrations in Australia.

South America

Dive into the energetic atmosphere of South American holidays, from the rhythmic dancing of Carnaval to the reverent ceremonies of Inti Raymi.

The Caribbean

Immerse yourself in the Caribbean’s kaleidoscope of festivals, from the electrifying rhythms of Trinidad Carnival to the age-old traditions of Junkanoo.

Final Thoughts

Explore the rich tapestry of global holidays and festivals through our region-focused guide. Dive deep into the customs, traditions, and histories that make each world region unique. Bookmark this page for regular updates as we continue to expand our extensive collection of holidays from around the world. Your journey through global celebrations starts here.