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Maha Shivaratri 2024 Countdown

Maha Shivaratri 2024 - Wednesday, March 11, 2024

Hey, you holiday aficionado! 🎉 Ever feel like life is a rollercoaster and you’re just hanging on for dear life? Well, guess what? Holidays are those brief moments when the rollercoaster slows down, and you can catch your breath. They’re like the pit stops in the grand race of life. So, let’s put on our festive hats and explore today’s and upcoming holidays that are sure to add some sparkle to your calendar.

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Today's Holidays & Upcoming Holidays

Today's Holidays & Upcoming International and Public Holidays

World Engineers Day in September 15

Engineers Day is a special day celebrated each year on September 15th to honor engineers' contribution to society and the world. It is an occasion to thank them for their tireless efforts in developing and improving the conditions in which we live. Celebrated internationally, Engineers Day recognizes the impact and legacy of engineers in modern life and recognizes the various disciplines of engineering — electrical, civil, and chemical among others. Events and activities are held to recognize the achievements of engineers from around the world.

Missionary Day in French Polynesia

"Experience the rich traditions and vibrant culture of French Polynesia with a holiday like no other. From indulging in delicious local cuisine to participating in colorful festivities, immerse yourself in the beauty of this island nation on a National Missionary Day observance. Unforgettable memories await in this tropical paradise."

Town Meeting Day in United States of America

On Town Meeting Day in the United States, communities gather to discuss and vote on important local issues. This uniquely American holiday celebrates the democratic spirit and encourages active civic engagement. From small towns to bustling cities, this observance brings neighbors together in lively debates and community-building activities. Experience the heart of American democracy on Town Meeting Day.

Custom Chief’s Day in Vanuatu

Celebrate the unique traditions and vibrant culture of Vanuatu on Custom Chief's Day, a national holiday that pays homage to tribal customs and ancestral leaders. Immerse yourself in colorful ceremonies and witness the traditional kastom dances, all while surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of this South Pacific island paradise. Truly a one-of-a-kind experience in Vanuatu.

Rebellion Anniversary in Iraq

Celebrate the spirit of resilience and defiance on the annual Rebellion Anniversary in Iraq. Experience the vibrant mix of traditional and modern festivities, marking the country's struggle for independence and unity. From colorful street parades to captivating cultural performances, this national holiday is a must-visit for every traveler. Book now and be part of the jubilation!

Day of Memorial and Respect for Veterans in Kosovo

As Kosovo marks its annual Day of Memorial and Respect for Veterans, observe the nation's somber reflection on the sacrifices made by its brave soldiers. With a public holiday in place, take the opportunity to pay tribute to those who have fought for Kosovo's freedom and celebrate their unwavering bravery and dedication.

Day off for Custom Chief’s Day in Vanuatu

"Experience the vibrant customs and traditions of Vanuatu on Custom Chief's Day, a national holiday celebrating the unique culture of the island nation. Immerse yourself in colorful parades, lively music and dance performances, and delectable feasts while gaining a deeper understanding and appreciation for the local way of life."

Independence Day in Ghana

"Ghana's Independence Day on March 6th is a joyous national holiday filled with vibrant celebrations, cultural performances, and colorful parades. This important observance marks the country's declaration of independence in 1957 and serves as a reminder of Ghana's rich history and bright future. Join in on the festivities and experience the true spirit of Ghana."

National Day of Tolerance and Coexistence in Iraq

This National Day of Tolerance and Coexistence in Iraq is a public holiday that celebrates unity and diversity within the country. It serves as a reminder of the importance of respecting different cultures and promoting peaceful coexistence. From religious and ethnic diversity to ancient traditions and modern influences, Iraq offers a truly unique and harmonious experience. #ToleranceDay #Coexistence #IraqHoliday #CulturalHarmony

Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati Jayanti in India

"Celebrate the birth of Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, a prominent Indian philosopher and spiritual leader, on this joyous national holiday. Join in the festivities and honor his teachings of social reform and enlightenment. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions of India during this observance and experience a true sense of spiritual awakening."

Nuzul Al-Qur’an observed in Brunei

As I stand here in the pristine country of Brunei, I am amazed by the solemn observance of Nuzul Al-Qur'an, a national holiday that celebrates the revelation of the Quran to the Prophet Muhammad. The rich cultural traditions and scenic beauty of Brunei make it a must-visit destination for those seeking a spiritual and culturally immersive experience.

Day of Transport and Communication Workers in Turkmenistan

"Experience the vibrant energy and hardworking spirit of Turkmenistan's transport and communication workers on this national holiday. From bustling airports and busy train stations to smoothly-running public transportation systems, join in the celebrations and gain a deeper understanding of the vital role these dedicated workers play in the country's daily operations." (46 words)

International Women’s Day in Turkmenistan

Join us in celebrating International Women's Day in Turkmenistan, a national holiday honoring the achievements and contributions of women. Immerse yourself in local traditions and witness the strength and resilience of women in this vibrant country. A truly meaningful and unforgettable experience.

International Women’s Day in Armenia

Armenia's International Women's Day celebration is a colorful and joyous national holiday that pays tribute to the country's strong and resilient women. From traditional dances and music to delicious cuisine, this observance highlights the important contributions and achievements of Armenian women. Join in the festivities and honor the power of femininity.

Women’s Day in Azerbaijan

As the sun rises over the stunning landscapes of Azerbaijan, the celebration of International Women's Day begins. This national holiday honors and empowers women with cultural events, concerts, and traditional dishes. Embrace the empowering spirit of this observance and discover the rich culture and traditions of this beautiful country.

International Women’s Day in Uzbekistan

"Experience the rich beauty of Uzbek culture and celebrate International Women's Day with the vibrant women of this nation. From lively bazaars to intricate traditional crafts, immerse yourself in the colorful festivities and honor the empowering women of Uzbekistan on this national holiday."

Women’s Day in El Salvador

"Join the vibrant celebrations on International Women's Day in El Salvador, a national holiday dedicated to honoring and empowering women. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions of this Central American country while honoring the achievements of women. A truly meaningful and unforgettable experience not to be missed."

Women’s Day in Eritrea

"Eritrea's National Women's Day celebrates the inspiring achievements of Eritrean women through cultural displays, parades, and traditional music performances. This public holiday showcases the resilience and strength of the nation's women, making it a must-see festival for any cultural enthusiast."

Women’s Day in Benin

As the vibrant streets of Benin come alive with colorful celebrations, women take center stage in honor of International Women's Day. This national holiday is celebrated with fervor and pride, showcasing the strong and empowered women of Benin. Join in the festivities and embrace the unique culture and traditions of this beautiful West African country.

International Women’s Day in Nauru

Experience the celebration of womanhood on the picturesque island of Nauru. This observance holiday on International Women's Day is a unique blend of cultural traditions and modern expressions, showcasing the beauty and strength of Nauruan women. Relax on the island's stunning beaches and immerse yourself in the colorful festivities.


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