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Maha Shivaratri 2024 Countdown

Maha Shivaratri 2024 - Wednesday, March 11, 2024

Hey, you holiday aficionado! 🎉 Ever feel like life is a rollercoaster and you’re just hanging on for dear life? Well, guess what? Holidays are those brief moments when the rollercoaster slows down, and you can catch your breath. They’re like the pit stops in the grand race of life. So, let’s put on our festive hats and explore today’s and upcoming holidays that are sure to add some sparkle to your calendar.

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Today's Holidays & Upcoming Holidays

Today's Holidays & Upcoming International and Public Holidays

New Year’s Eve in Spain

"Experience the festive spirit of Spain on New Year's Eve, a national holiday celebrated with traditional rituals and lively street parties. From the vibrant cities of Madrid and Barcelona to the charming small towns, ring in the new year with delicious food, spectacular fireworks, and the warm embrace of Spanish culture."

New Year’s Eve in Sweden

"Ring in the New Year in style with a festive and traditional Swedish celebration. From ice skating on frozen lakes to indulging in delicious Julbord feasts, this national holiday is the perfect blend of culture and merriment. Soak in the cozy atmosphere and join the locals in welcoming the start of a new year with open arms." (47 words)

National Heroes Day in East Timor

"Experience the rich culture of East Timor on National Heroes Day, a public holiday that honors the bravery and sacrifice of its national heroes. Immerse yourself in traditional ceremonies and festivities, and explore the pristine beauty of this Southeast Asian gem. A truly meaningful and unforgettable holiday for any culture enthusiast."

New Year’s Eve in Trinidad and Tobago

"Celebrate the vibrant culture of Trinidad and Tobago this New Year's Eve with a festive local holiday like no other. Experience the lively street parties, delicious traditional cuisine, and the rhythmic beats of Calypso music that make this celebration truly unique. Join in on the fun and ring in the new year Caribbean style!"

New Year’s Eve in Cyprus

Celebrate New Year's Eve in sunny Cyprus, a popular holiday spot for both locals and tourists. Immerse yourself in local traditions and festivities while indulging in delicious Cypriot cuisine and soaking up the Mediterranean ambiance. With a mix of observances and public celebrations, the holiday season in Cyprus is not to be missed.

New Year’s Eve in North Macedonia

"Experience the vibrant celebrations of New Year's Eve in North Macedonia, a blend of cultural traditions and modern festivities. From bustling street parties to traditional feasts, this national holiday combines the joy of new beginnings with the rich history of the region. Join in the revelry and make unforgettable memories in this exciting destination."

New Year’s Eve in Qatar

"Experience the vibrant culture and luxurious festivities of Qatar on New Year's Eve. This national holiday is celebrated with grand fireworks displays, extravagant feasts, and lively traditional dances. Embrace the dazzling energy of Doha while immersing yourself in the rich traditions of this Middle Eastern gem."

New Year’s Eve in Ecuador

"Experience the vibrant energy of Ecuador's national holiday, New Year's Eve, as you immerse yourself in the rich culture and lively celebrations. From colorful parades to festive fireworks, this observance is a must-see for any traveler looking to ring in the new year with a truly unforgettable experience."

New Year’s Eve in Luxembourg

Explore the grandeur of Luxembourg on New Year's Eve, a national holiday filled with vibrant celebrations and traditional customs. Witness the exciting fireworks display at the historic Grand Ducal Palace and immerse yourself in the festive spirit with live music, delicious local delicacies, and a lively atmosphere. Cheers to a joyous start to the new year in this charming European city.

New Year’s Eve in Kenya

"As the clock strikes midnight, the vibrant streets of Kenya burst with joy and celebration, marking the national holiday of New Year's Eve. The air is filled with the beat of local drums and the aroma of traditional cuisine, as locals and tourists alike revel in the rich cultural traditions of this remarkable country on this observance holiday."

New Year’s Eve in Georgia

"Experience the vibrant energy of Georgia on New Year's Eve, a national holiday filled with festive traditions and celebrations. From the captivating fireworks display over Tbilisi to the traditional Georgian feast, this observance is a must for any culture-seeker and travel enthusiast."

New Year’s Eve in Colombia

Experience the vibrant and lively celebration of Colombia's national holiday, New Year's Eve! Join the locals in festive parades, indulge in traditional dishes like sancocho, and dance the night away to traditional music. A truly unforgettable cultural immersion to kick off the new year.

New Year’s Eve in Singapore

Experience the vibrant and cosmopolitan city of Singapore during its biggest celebration, New Year's Eve. Join the locals in festive toasts, dazzling fireworks, and street parties. Immerse yourself in the blend of cultures and traditions that make this observance a unique and unforgettable holiday.

New Year’s Eve in New Caledonia

Experience the vibrant celebration of New Year's Eve in New Caledonia, a unique blend of French and Melanesian culture. Join in the lively festivities of this national holiday, filled with traditional dances, fireworks and delicious cuisine. The perfect destination to welcome the new year with style and cultural richness.

New Year’s Eve in Kazakhstan

"Experience the vibrant and unique celebration of New Year's Eve in Kazakhstan, a national holiday steeped in traditional customs and modern revelry. From fireworks lighting up the sky to feasts filled with traditional delicacies and lively music, this festive observance is a must-visit for any cultural explorer. Don't miss the chance to ring in the new year in this captivating Central Asian destination!"

New Year’s Eve in Kuwait

As the clock strikes midnight, Kuwait City comes alive with festive lights and traditional music, marking the beginning of the country's national holiday, Liberation Day. Join in the celebrations as locals gather together to honor the country's independence with colorful parades and spectacular fireworks. A truly memorable experience for any visitor.

New Year’s Eve in Liechtenstein

As the world counts down to the start of a new year, there is no better place to experience the true essence of the festive season than in the charming principality of Liechtenstein. This quaint and picturesque destination celebrates New Year's Eve with a combination of traditional customs, glittering fireworks, and lively street parties, making it a must-visit for any cultural enthusiast. This national holiday offers a unique and unforgettable holiday experience for all.

Western New Year’s Eve in Serbia

"Experience the vibrant and unique celebration of New Year's Eve in Serbia, a national holiday filled with traditional rituals and festive cheer. From lively street parties to cozy family gatherings, this observance is a must-see for anyone interested in immersing themselves in Serbian culture and traditions."

New Year’s Eve in Honduras

As the New Year approaches, the lively streets of Honduras are filled with music, dancing, and colorful displays of cultural traditions. This public festival celebration showcases the vibrant spirit and rich heritage of this Central American country, making it a must-visit destination for any traveler looking for a truly unforgettable holiday experience. Whether observing from afar or joining in the festivities, New Year's Eve in Honduras is a local holiday that will leave a lasting impression on all who partake in the revelry.

New Year’s Eve in Albania

"Experience the vibrant celebration of New Year's Eve in Albania, a national holiday filled with traditional music, delicious cuisine, and local customs. Immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere as you countdown to midnight with the lively Albanian locals. A truly unique cultural experience not to be missed."


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